“Kudos to Nebula Creatives L3C on the launch of its inclusive, innovative and disruptive business model. Social entrepreneur Rujanee Mahakanjana’s thought leadership is nothing short of extraordinary.” –Marc J. Lane, from the Law Offices of Marc J. Lane, P.C., a force behind Illinois’ L3C legislation

“The reality of today’s creative economy is that if we want to firmly grow and defend creators’ (film entrepreneurs) livelihoods, we must build independent infrastructure for creators (film entrepreneurs) that covers them end to end. This is the focus of our collaboration with Nebula Creatives.” – Oladapo Bamidele, Founder of indieactivity

“In creating Wakandacon we imagined a place free and unshackled from the ravages of racism; of exploitation; of discrimination; of emotional, physical, and sexual violence – a safe and welcoming place where people can come together and celebrate their passions. We are incredibly proud to have partners like Nebula Creatives who believe as deeply as we do in our values of representation, inclusion, and prioritizing diverse stories and voices.  What Nebula Creatives is seeking to do is bold and essential, and is directly in line with our mission of leveraging culture to reshape our world towards prosperity for all.” -David Barthwell, Co-Founder of Wakandacon 

“The Chicago Screenwriters Network wholeheartedly endorses Nebula Creatives, as it embarks on its journey to become a fully functioning film production company. Nebula Creatives’ goals are in lockstep with ours as we want to see the Illinois film industry continue to grow and utilize the talent available to it, on our own terms…. Chicago Screenwriters Network can work closely with Nebula Creatives to create educational programs for up and coming writers and help facilitate programs to bring industry opportunities to people in disadvantaged communities.”  -Amourous Lesko, President, Chicago Screenwriters Network

“As Mezcla Media Collective works to lift up over 550 womxn filmmakers of color, we are excited to do so in collaboration with Nebula Creatives, which shares a parallel mission to create racial and gender equity in Chicago’s film industry..”  -Colette Ghunim, Co-Founder of Mezcla Media Collective

“The Girl and I is proud of its partnership with Nebula Creatives in their quest of spreading the power of the creative mind. Our partnership shares the belief that actions speak louder than words and in order to impact change, we have to build momentum at a grassroots level. We are very excited for Nebula Creatives as they embark on the next phase of their journey, to build stronger, unique and more diverse creative relationships in Chicago and beyond.” -Gauri Kapoor, Founder of The Girl and I

“Nebula Creatives L3C aims to help provide a voice to the voiceless through film and art, much like our Chamber advocates for the marginalized, for un-gentrified families, and for small businesses that make their living on precariously tight margins. The Chamber envisions an extremely productive and creative partnership with Nebula Creatives L3C as we embark on juxtaposing film to broaden the reach of Rogers Park businesses, organizations, and institutions.” – Bill Morton, President of RPCC

Garnier Public Relations is happy to partner with Nebula Creatives to help build and nurture an indie film production environment that embraces the city’s creative culture in a new ‘home’ for storytellers. We look forward to collaborating with them because it is crucial that an independent film include publicity in each stage of its release.” – Danielle Garnier, Founder of Garnier Public Relations