LAB 99: The Movie

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LAB 99 is a sci-fi fantasy film about letting go and starting over by the process of death and dreams, largely inspired by the works of Carl Sagan and David Bowie. 

Stuck in a failed marriage, a disenchanted gallery owner develops an infatuation with an extraterrestrial visitor whom she helps in stopping a hostile experiment to transcend the limitations of human life.


As a young fan of Japanese animated series and movies in the ‘80s and ’90s, I have always been fascinated by existentialism communicated through artful science-fiction stories and metaphors. To me, it’s a form of enlightenment and a door to endless possibilities. Coming from a culture where survival is often considered more important than passion, material things rather than meanings and morality, corporeality rather than feelings and emotions, I see Lab 99 as a symbolic expression rather than a literal interpretation of life, or even death, itself. 

-Rujanee Mahakanjana (Writer, Director) 

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DID YOU KNOW WE HAD A CHANCE TO INTERVIEW “ASTRONAUT ABBY” BACK IN 2016? Check out what she says about her journey and Lab 99  here.

Inclusion Statement

Lab 99 has a unique story set in Chicago, Thailand & an outer space w/ widely diverse characters. In addition to the film being written & will be directed by an Asian-American female filmmaker, we are committed to inclusion and increasing equal representation across the board.

We’re currently looking to complete funding for the entire production. If you are interested in exploring sponsorships or investments, let’s connect OR make a donation here.
Lab 99 is proud to announce our latest partnership with Iris Trends, one of the most fabulous jewelry galleries in Chicago, showcasing jewelry art from around the world. Exclusively at Iris Trends, our limited Hotaru jewelry collection will be on displayed and available for purchase. 80% of the proceed goes to the production fund of Lab 99. To learn more about the project, the filmmakers, or the jewelry, contact us.
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Hotaru Jewelry_ IRIS


In this production, music isn’t just something that we add during post-production. In fact, music was written into the story as one of experimental elements. There are scenes where music has a significant part that drives the physical (movements) and the psychological (emotions). To learn more about the composer, Tatsu Aoki, check out his website.


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If you’re a Lab 99 backer on IndieGoGo, click here to access some exclusive images, video library, and the link to download the digital copy of the first and second issue.

Interested in getting a copy?  The digital version will be available online soon. Stay tuned for updates. ​

Lab 99 Comic Book Reviews

“I love Rujanee’s fascination with water. I kind of have the same thing. And also dreams. I think this metaphysical aspect of Lab 99 really draws me in. There is more to humans than just particles. There is more to space than meets the eye. Think of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. We can’t even see it, but it’s there. That’s why Lab 99 hidden dimensions seem plausible to me.”

– Oksana S., Scaffolding Magazine   

“…it is the metaphysical aspect that really hooks the reader. This comes into the plot, but it is really carried out in the visualization of the story. It is terrifically rendered and profoundly cinematic – as all great graphic novels are.” 

– Ron F., Film Professor at Columbia College Chicago

“I picked up the free preview issue at Chicago Comics store and I think this project is very exciting. Can’t wait to read the next issue- You guys rock!”

– Jan T., Comic Book Lover and Lab 99 Supporter