LAB 99: Comic Book Series

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Lab 99 the comic book series follows the story of an interstellar lab that watches over our species and solar system. In the first issue, Alien (Eddie) has just returned to unexpected news after a mission on Earth. The comic book also introduces you to the backstories of the main characters in the feature film screenplay, Lab 99. 

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Story by Rujanee Mahakanjana and Christian Stanfield

Art by Oscar Joyo

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Lab 99 Comic Reviews

“I love Rujanee’s fascination with water. I kind of have the same thing. And also dreams. I think this metaphysical aspect of Lab 99 really draws me in. There is more to humans than just particles. There is more to space than meets the eye. Think of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. We can’t even see it, but it’s there. That’s why Lab 99 hidden dimensions seem plausible to me.”

– Oksana S., Scaffolding Magazine   

“…it is the metaphysical aspect that really hooks the reader. This comes into the plot, but it is really carried out in the visualization of the story. It is terrifically rendered and profoundly cinematic – as all great graphic novels are.” 

– Ron F., Film Professor at Columbia College Chicago

“I picked up the free preview issue at Chicago Comics store and I think this project is very exciting. Can’t wait to read the next issue- You guys rock!”

– Jan T., Comic Book Lover and Lab 99 Supporter