Chicago Film Action Board (CFAB)

Chicago Urban Fine Arts Commonwealth (CUFAC) is a nonprofit organization that launched in 2016 as an initiative effort of the local urban fine arts and music community, including but not limited to hip-hop, reggae, R&B, and the black culture music genres of the Americas.

CUFAC created Chicago Film Action Board (CFAB) which serves as a think tank of local independent filmmakers, production companies, and organizations, provisioned with 20+ years of collective experience in motion picture management and hands-on production experience.

As of September 2018, CFAB, Chicago Screenwriters Network (CSN), and Nebula Creatives L3C have proudly been working with the Cook County Social Innovation Commission to benefit the independent film and art community and the Cook County government in the department of legislation, education, business and economic development. Updates will be posted here on this page.

More soon.