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Submissions for Season 4 are now closed.  

Next round of submissions for Season 5 begins in March 2020. 

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Show Hosts:
Sara Robinson (S1-3), Terrence Hartnett (S2), Nina Kern (S3), Shervin Bain (S3), Christina Page (S2), Troi Valles (S1), Carey Anderson (S1)


Executive Producers:
Christian Stanfield
Rujanee Mahakanjana
Ellie Maloney

Rujanee Mahakanjana
Christian Stanfield

Camera Crew/Gaffers/Sounds:
Dru Montague, Jeff Wexler, Christian Stanfield, Rujanee Mahakanjana, Bond Li

Rujanee Mahakanjana, Caleb Noel

Film Reviewers:
Ian Simmons, Pat McDonald, Sarah Robinson

Special Thanks Season ONE:  Sean Ford, Ian Simmons, Danielle Garnier, Joyce Jeng, Anna Munzesheimer, Michael Foster/ Whitehall Hotel, Sophia Wong Baccio, Hummingbird Studios, Elaine Wyder-Harshman, Jerry Milani, Rob Scheer, and Brett Robinson.

Special Thanks Season TWO: Ian Simmons, Pat McDonald, Danielle Garnier, Tommy Sigmon, Taylor White, Joyce Jeng, Jessica at Outerspace Studio, Performing Arts Studio, Davis Theatre, Cinespace

Special Thanks Season THREE: Amelia Finefrock, Danielle Garnier, Cow Lamp Films, Performing Arts Studio, Cassandra at 1434 N. Western, Logan Theatre