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Chicago Film News is a YouTube video series featuring news about independent film, music, and the creative arts, focused on bridging the gap between our local Chicago film community and the world. Produced by a Chicago-based independent low-budget film studio incubator and social enterprise, Nebula Creatives, L3C, each episode features a comfortable and welcoming tone, with an approachable and supportive rather than pretentious atmosphere. The producers strongly believe in an authentic approach that will retain support and interest from our audience, in addition to the quality of the produced content and the featured artists themselves. 

Since the official launch in late summer of 2017, Chicago Film News has been gathering a lot of attention from independent filmmakers of all types to curious movie lovers looking for something new and exciting. The pilot season, funded solely by Nebula Creatives, has been a success in delivering these qualities in spite of a tight production budget and deadlines. The series has also been growing a substantial following on social media platforms. As of January 2020, there are currently 5,000+ followers on Twitter, 600+ likes on Facebook, and 32,500+ views/1,000+ subscribers on YouTube. 

There is still however a great potential audience to reach who have very little knowledge of the world of independent film. Many think independent films are either un-relatable or of poor quality. This series seeks to provide an educational and supportive platform for anyone who is interested in learning more about what the world of independent film has to offer.

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Show Hosts:
Wendy Parman (S4), Sara Robinson (S1-3), Terrence Hartnett (S2), Nina Kern (S3), Shervin Bain (S3), Christina Page (S2), Troi Valles (S1), Carey Anderson (S1)

Executive Producers:
Christian Stanfield, Rujanee Mahakanjana, Ellie Maloney, Julio A. Noboa

Rujanee Mahakanjana
Christian Stanfield

Camera Crew/Gaffers/Sounds:
Dru Montague, Jeff Wexler, Christian Stanfield, Rujanee Mahakanjana, Bond Li

Rujanee Mahakanjana, Caleb Noel

Film Reviewers:
Ian Simmons, Pat McDonald, Sarah Robinson

Special Thanks Season ONE:  Sean Ford, Ian Simmons, Danielle Garnier, Joyce Jeng, Anna Munzesheimer, Michael Foster/ Whitehall Hotel, Sophia Wong Baccio, Hummingbird Studios, Elaine Wyder-Harshman, Jerry Milani, Rob Scheer, and Brett Robinson.

Special Thanks Season TWO: Ian Simmons, Pat McDonald, Danielle Garnier, Tommy Sigmon, Taylor White, Joyce Jeng, Jessica at Outerspace Studio, Performing Arts Studio, Davis Theatre, Cinespace

Special Thanks Season THREE: Amelia Finefrock, Danielle Garnier, Cow Lamp Films, Performing Arts Studio, Cassandra at 1434 N. Western, Logan Theatre

Special Thanks Season FOUR: Kwame Amoaku, Thavary Krouch, Peter Hawley, Danielle Garnier, One Hope United, The City of Chicago, Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, Chicago Film Office, Illinois Film Office, Cafe Ciao