We are a film and video production company that believes in creativity through collaboration and emphasizes on cultivating meaningful relationships with our clients and colleagues. Our primary mission is to further charitable and educational purposes by offering a full range of professional digital cinema production. Additionally, we also organize an annual film festival (Shortcut 100) dedicated to helping independent filmmakers around the world promote their visions and voices in the community.




Rujanee Mahakanjana | Director, Producer, Operating Partner

Having been labeled as an outcast among friends and family, Rujanee left Bangkok, moved to the United States and began to write her own life story by exploring the world on her own terms since she was a teenager. Curiosity for the true meaning of life took her onto a path full of mistakes. That’s when her relationship with art got strengthened as she spent more time drawing, painting, playing music, and writing. Film became her passion when she came to realization that she must make peace with her past, jump off that cliff and learn how to fly without falling into the ocean or crashing into the mountains, figuratively speaking. It’s been almost a decade since she took that jump, and she is now the director of 2 feature films and a dozen of short films which have screened at film festivals including the American Documentary Film Competition and the Festival de Cannes. She has been dedicating the past 7 years developing a groundbreaking sci-fi feature film, “Lab 99,” which is inspired by a true story. Its prequel is currently being produced as a comic book series with its first issue released in October 2016. (IMDb) (LinkedIn)

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Christian Stanfield | Producer, Senior Consulting Partner

Christian is an award-winning filmmaker as well as a software engineer.  For as long as he can remember he’s wanted to make films and he began his career after college working for the local PBS station in Milwaukee. There he produced a 5 episode children’s miniseries that earned him acclaim in two local newspapers. Wanting to get more involved in film production he packed up his belongings and moved to Chicago where he has worked ever since as an independent producer and director for the past 11 years. His body of work ranges from award-wining short films to music videos and documentaries. His work has been featured at the Cannes film festival, on television and in theaters in Chicago.