Founded by the “black sheep” among us, Nebula Creatives L3C is a grassroots hybrid film studio social enterprise. We are committed to producing commercial-quality low-budgeted feature films aiming specifically for distribution. Creativity keeps our human experience unique and entertaining so why not sharing more of that. We believe that anyone – regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability – who is deeply passionate about telling any story, deserves the same opportunity as everyone else to be creative and to get the support they need in order to bring their ideas to life.

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Our Goals:

  • To help marginalized local independent filmmakers produce and monetize their creative work
  • To create a sustainable system within our own independent filmmakers community 
  • To bridge and connect the Chicago independent film community to the rest of the world outside the “bubble” through unique and diverse partnership and collaboration.
  • To help boost the economy of the State of Illinois
  • To help the City of Chicago become the destination for independent film productions

The Brag: 

Unlike most production companies, Nebula Creatives has the brand of an L3C mission-driven venture with a goal to further support the independent film community, locally and globally, by not only producing content for non-profits, independent artists, and small businesses but also investing its own resources to create platforms for independent filmmakers to showcase their work such as Shortcut 100 Independent Film Festival (shortcut100.org), which has been since 2012, and Chicago Film News (chicagofilmnews.com), a YouTube channel launched in fall 2017, currently with 6,000+ followers on Twitter and Facebook combined.

Since 2017, Nebula Creatives L3C has also been partnering with a local nonprofit organization, Chicago Screenwriters Network (CSN), to support the independent film community as well as increasing the quality of work by local emerging screenwriters at all levels of industry skills and experience. Well-developed screenplays from the CSN programs and workshops are automatically in consideration to be produced by Nebula Creatives L3C.

The Dream Team:

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Rujanee Mahakanjana | Director, Producer, Operating Partner

Having been labeled as an outcast among friends and family, Rujanee left Bangkok, traveled to the United States and began to write her own life story by exploring the world on her own terms since she was a teenager. Curiosity for the true meaning of life took her onto a path full of mistakes – none she regrets. That’s when her relationship with art got strengthened as she spent more time drawing, painting, playing music, and writing. Film became her passion when she came to realization that she must make peace with her past, jump off that cliff and learn how to fly without falling into the ocean or crashing into the mountains, figuratively speaking, although that happened a few times. It’s been almost a decade since she took that jump, and she is now an award-winning director who has directed 2 feature films and a dozen of short films which have screened at film festivals including the American Documentary Film Competition and the Festival de Cannes. She has been dedicating the past 10 years developing a groundbreaking sci-fi feature film, “Lab 99,” which is inspired by a true story. Its prequel is currently being produced as a comic book series with its first issue released in October 2016. (IMDb) (LinkedIn)

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Jenaeth Markaj | Executive Producer, Partnership Relations


Tommy Sigmon | Writer, Director, Consulting Partner

The Honorable Contributors